Monday, August 7, 2017

How to make Cheese and Vegetables Stuffed Mince Beef

On an accidental day, an idea of the combination among beef, Mozzarella cheese and vegetables that flashed in my head; therefore I went to the kitchen and implemented it. I used mince beef and stuff into to it with cheese and vegetables (potato, carrot, peas, and corn), then put some kinds of spice in and grill my dish in the oven. 
Whoa-la! I got success for the first time try and uploaded this video for you guys.

The YOUTUBE link:
Duration: 5:33

The ingredients:
- 400gr of Beef (or mince beef)
- 30gr of Mozzarella cheese
- 100gr of Vegetables (potato, carrot, peas, and corn)
- 1/2 tsp of Salt
- 1/2 tsp of Seasoning stock
- 1/2 Lime (or Lemon)
- 6 cloves of Garlic
- 2 Chilies
- 1 Star Aniseed
- 1 soup spoon of Honey
- Some Coriander
- Some Peppercorn
- Some pieces of Cinnamon

How to cook it:
Put beef and other ingredients (salt, seasoning stock, five-spice powder, lime juice, a piece of lime peel, garlic, aniseed, cinnamon, honey, coriander, peppercorn, and chilies) into the meat grinder, then grind them well.

Put beef and other ingredients into the meat grinder

Prepare a square plastic box. Put beef as the first layer into the bottom of the box, then add cheese as the next layer. The third layer is vegetables, then add another layer of cheese on vegetable layer. Finally, add one more layer of beef on the top. Use your fingers and a spoon to compress tightly each layer.

Mold beef and other ingredients with a square plastic box

Cover the box, then put it into the microwave. Select Micro 3 mode, then turn the microwave on within two minutes.

Put the box into the microwave

Put beef onto a tray. Then put it into the oven. Grill each side of beef within 15 minutes with the temperature of 250°C.

Grill beef with the oven

Enjoy your meal with some slices of tomato and Mayonnaise source

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Friday, July 28, 2017

How to cook Fried Noodles with Chicken Hearts and Vegetables

If you are sick with eating instant noodles in the simple and boring way like pouring the boiled water into the bowl of noodles, this thread shows a different method of cooking instant noodles that is frying them with some other ingredients. It is based on yin and yan theory in Vietnamese cusine.


The YOUTUBE link:

Duration: 7:31

The ingredients:
- Three packages of Instant noodles
- Eight Chiken hearts
- 200gr of Water morning glory (or Spinach)
- 150gr of Asparagus
- One Carrot
- One Tomato
- 30gr of Dried mushrooms (or Fresh ones)
- Four eggs
- Six cloves of Garlic
- 60gr of Spring onion
- One Chili
- One Lime (or Lemon)
- One soup spoon of seasoning stock
- Seasoning spices in the noodle packages (Keep one salt package only and all oil packages)
- Frying butter
- Two soup spoons of Cooking oil
- One soup spoon of Vietnamese rice liquor

How to cook it:
Boil dried mushrooms with 50ml of water in five minutes (start counting when water is boiled) and keep soaking in hot water to make them expand. Split mushrooms in half each (if cooking with fresh mushrooms, you just need to split them in half each).

Boil dried mushrooms
Split mushrooms

Dice the carrot and tomato.

Dice carrot
Dice tomato

Chop both spring onion and asparagus into 1cm parts.

Chop spring onion
Chop asparagus

Chop water morning glory (spinach) into 4-5cm parts. Wait until 250ml of water is boiled and then boil water morning glory (spinach) in one minute. You have to turn the spinach after boiling 30 seconds.

Chop water morning glory

Split the chicken hearts in half each.

Split chicken hearts

Boil 150ml of water, and then put the noodles into the pot to boil them in 40 seconds. Then wash the noodles with cool water in 10 seconds. Pour noodles to the basket to drain them. 

Boil noodles

Put some butter and cooking oil into the frying pan. Then turn on the stove to melt butter. Start stir frying noodles well with boiled oil and butter in 30 seconds. 

Stir fry noodles

Add water morning glory (spinach), asparagus, carrot, tomato, chicken hearts, mushrooms into the pan when frying noodles. Keep stir frying noodles and other ingredients well in three minutes. Decrease fire to low level and leave your meal frying itself in 2-3 more minutes. 

Add other ingredients

You need to be quick when prepare the last ingredients when frying noodles itself. Mix garlic, eggs, chili, seasoning stock, one salt and two oil packages accompanied with instant noodle packages, Vietnamese rice liquor, and lime/lemon juice very well with a blender.

Prepare the blended mixture
Make the mixture with a blender

Add spring onion when frying noodles. Stir fry 30 more seconds.

Add spring onion

Add the above blended mixture to the noodles. Keep stir frying noodles well in one more minute with the strongest fire. Put the noodles on a plate, be able to sprinkle a little bit ground peppercorn and enjoy your meal with a pint of beer.

Add the mixture to the noodles

Hope you like my recipe of fried noodles. Watch my above video for more details. Try to cook and enjoy it. See you next weekend for next meal!

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

How To Steam Squid with Beer

Squid not only provides high protein, but also easy to cook and delicious. "Squid with beer" is the most perfect combination. This thread shows you an interesting recipe that is steaming squid with beer.

The YOUTUBE link:
Duration: 3:11

The ingredients: 
- 300gr of Squid
- 1 Stalk of Lemongrass
- 2 Chilies
- 2 TSP of Salt
- 1 Can of Beer (330ml)

How to cook it:
Prepare a box to put squid in. Pound the lemongrass, then cut it into 3cm chunks.

Pound the lemongrass

Chop chilies into small pieces. Then put lemongrass and chilies in a box with squid. Add salt to squid, then close the lid and shake the box to mix the ingredients with squid. Chill the squid in four hours. 

Squid, lemongrass, and chilies in a box

Prepare a food steamer. Pour beer to the steamer. 

Pour beer to the steamer
 Put the steam rack to the autoclave, then put the squid with lemongrass and chili onto the rack, keep space among squid slices. Close the lid and boil the beer with the strongest fire (roughly one minute). 

Put squid, chili, lemongrass onto the steam rack

After beer is boiled, steam squid in five minutes with low level of fire. Dish up squid, and enjoy the meal with beer and chili sauce.

Squid is accompanied with a can of black beer and chili sauce 

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